Cityproof Soundproof Windows Featured on Brick Underground

Cityproof Soundproof Windows Featured on Brick Underground

Demand for soundproof windows has increased significantly during the pandemic. Cityproof CEO Michael Damelin joined Brick Underground to explore the growth of soundproof windows, how soundproof windows work, where they can be installed, and more.

“If you are permanently working from home these days, you may be looking for ways to block out the daily barrage of honking horns, blaring sirens, garbage trucks, and jackhammers (among other common noise complaints).

Soundproofing your apartment or brownstone windows is even easier than you may think—in fact you can do this with no construction or window replacement required. How so? By installing state-of-the-art soundproof interior windows that go inside your existing windows.”

“Now that people are working more from home, they are soundproofing not only home offices and bedrooms but the living room and dining room and other spaces as families jostle for work and study areas,” says Michael. “Because every [Cityproof] window is custom made, we are able to match important horizontal and vertical lines of the exterior window so the interior windows are invisible from the outside and inside.”

Keep reading to learn more about:

  • How soundproof windows work
  • How much soundproof windows cost and how long they take to install
  • Where you can install soundproof windows
  • Co-op and condo board approvals
  • Whether soundproof windows are allowed in landmark buildings
  • Options for renters
  • Replacing your existing windows