Why Choose Cityproof?

When it comes to choosing a provider for your soundproof window needs, we’d like to point out a few things that set Cityproof apart from others that claim to have a similar product.

Soundproofing isn’t just one of many things we do – it’s our entire focus. We take our commitment to eliminating as much street noise as possible from your home or office very seriously, and because of that, we’ve developed a process that’s designed to meet your satisfaction. Other companies may claim to have a similar product, but Cityproof’s superior materials and design, state-of-the-art technology, integrity and customer service and satisfaction are unmatched.

Here’s why you should Cityproof for your noise-reducing windows:

A personalized process ensures that a custom soundproofing solution will be built for your unique noise situation and site conditions.

Cityproof takes detailed measurements for each location before your windows are custom-built. Other companies may use an average measurement, which allows for a lower build cost, but this compromises soundproofing performance.

Every window is 100% custom-manufactured to the exact measurements taken onsite, which allows the Citiwindow® to “mirror” the existing exterior window style. The tightest possible fit eliminates gaps and ensures maximum noise reduction. Other companies often use average measurements to build semi-custom windows. This can leave gaps that would require filler material to be used.

Air conditioning units also allow for noise penetration, and Cityproof pays extra attention to these areas. Cityproof builds custom enclosures for A/C and HVAC units to reduce noise, increase overall ambient soundproofing, and eliminate the infiltration of dirt, drafts, and cold.

Installation personnel are all Cityproof employees. Cityproof’s crews have an average experience of over 15 years installing soundproof windows. They are neat, courteous, and highly professional.

Premium materials make Cityproof’s Citiwindows superior in their soundproofing capabilities and their durability. Cityproof windows are built to last a lifetime with little to no maintenance.

Our sill assembly uses an outdoor-grade PVC track to create an air-tight fit between the framed glass panel and the track while enabling the window to glide exceptionally well. Other companies use rollers or ball-bearings to help a window slide open or closed. These mechanisms create small gaps between the framed glass panels and the track, which allows noise to penetrate. Unlike the Cityproof system, these mechanisms can fail and need to be replaced.

Cityproof is the only company that uses a unique and concealed stainless-steel perimeter tracking system on the window’s sides and top. Stainless steel provides the highest durability and the tightest seal available on the market.

To increase durability, Cityproof has engineered a frame system with specially mitered corners and internal corner reinforcement. Many other companies rely on a light-duty, screw-spline connection system that is easily compromised when heavier glass panels are used.

Cityproof offers several standard frame finishing options. We take pride in our baked enamel paint (white, linen white) and anodized (dark bronze, clear) finishes. The high quality of the finishes eliminates the occurrence of corrosion, pitting, and wear. We also offer a custom, paint-to-match option.

Cityproof uses superior grade laminated glass (up to 11/16 inch thick) including ultra-clear Starphire.

Unmatched integrity means we do not make inflated claims or promises about our product. We stand behind our window systems 100%.

A soundproofing expert will evaluate your unique noise issues before creating a proposal. Cityproof’s recommendations are based on scientific testing combined with many years of soundproofing experience. Many companies over-promise soundproofing results, leaving customers dissatisfied after the windows are installed.

Your estimate and contract will include the specific noise reduction you can expect from your custom soundproofing system. Other companies make generic and broad claims that may not apply to your unique situation.

Still not convinced? Consider:

Dedication to superior quality, workmanship, and installation has given Cityproof the privilege of being highly and regularly recommended by architects, acoustical consultants, construction managers, general contractors, building managers, building owners, and interior designers.
Landmarks Preservation Commission approval is usually not necessary because the Cityproof interior window mirrors the existing exterior window.
Flawless installation leaves virtually nothing to paint, fix, or repair.
Cityproof is fully licensed and insured.