Soundproof Windows FAQ

How much soundproofing will Cityproof Interior Windows provide?

The Cityproof Citiwindow® System creates an acoustical sound barrier that provides from 50% up to 95% noise elimination and soundproofing. Cityproof windows significantly reduce many different types of noise including street noise, sirens, alarms, construction site heavy machinery, overhead aircraft, buses, sanitation trucks and delivery trucks. For further reading, our glass partner, Saflex, has created a comprehensive overview of acoustical glass performance. Pages 19-23 in the Saflex Acoustical Guide illustrate solutions like the Cityproof system that include interior laminated windows featuring a PVB layer, an air space, and an existing exterior window.

What type of glass is available for Cityproof Citiwindows?

Depending on the window style and the problem being resolved, the Cityproof window can be glazed with standard float glass, laminated glass or insulated glass.

What does it mean that a Cityproof window is an interior window?

Cityproof windows are installed on the inside and are in addition to the existing exterior window.

Will I still be able to open and close the exterior window?

Yes, except for stationary/lift-out units, every Cityproof window is operable and provides easy access to the exterior window.

Will I be able to keep my existing blinds?

Yes, in most instances, but it may depend on the type of window treatment and the style of the Cityproof interior window that is being installed.

How are the windows cleaned?

Depending on the style of Cityproof window, it can be slid from side-to-side, up and down, tilted or opened like a door for easy cleaning. All horizontally sliding framed glass panels, stationary/lift-out framed glass panels, and vertically sliding framed glass panels, can be removed from and reinstalled into the perimeter tracking system if full access to the exterior window is necessary.

Can Cityproof windows go on the outside of my existing window?

No, Cityproof windows are designed for interior use only.

Will my building allow Soundproof Interior Windows?

Yes, because there are no structural changes required and the Cityproof window is never attached to the exterior window or its frame, and all work is performed on the inside. Cityproof recommends you advise the co-op, condo, landlord or building management of your intention. As needed or required, Cityproof will provide Certificates of Insurance, copies of appropriate licenses, as well as a Scope of Work explaining the work to be done.

Are Cityproof Interior Windows “storm windows”?

Yes, they can be considered the interior version of a storm window because, in addition to noise reductions, they eliminate 99% of draft and dirt infiltration and provide maximum thermal control.

Are Cityproof Interior Windows “replacement windows”?

No, Cityproof windows are interior windows that complement your existing exterior windows.

Will you be able to see the additional window? How will it look?

Because every Cityproof Interior Window is custom designed and manufactured, we are generally able to “mirror” the important lines of the exterior windows making the Cityproof windows aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive from the inside as well as the outside.

Do you install in my city/state?

Cityproof primarily operates in the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut regions. We will travel outside those states for larger engagements.

Do you ship windows for self-installation?

Generally, no. Our custom process involves design options, precise measurements and experienced installers.

Is Cityproof licensed and insured?

Yes, Cityproof is fully licensed and insured as a contractor. Cityproof will furnish Certificates of Insurance and copies of appropriate licenses for each project as required.