Citiwindow Benefits

In addition to adding significant value to your apartment, home, or office, an investment in Cityproof Citiwindows® offers a number of benefits, including:

Superior Soundproofing

Reduces noise infiltration by up to 95%.
Quiet many different types of noise including street noise, sirens, alarms, construction site heavy machinery, overhead aircraft, buses, sanitation trucks and delivery trucks.

Reduce Infiltration of Dirt and Drafts

Eliminates 99% of draft, dust and dirt infiltration.
Keeps outside elements out of the living or working environment, thereby protecting window treatments, furniture, artwork, and computer equipment.

Thermal Control for Reduced Energy Costs

The combination of the Cityproof Citiwindow, the exterior window, and the sound buffer zone between the two windows provides an extra layer of insulation against the cold or hot outside air.
Every Cityproof window is custom built to form a perfect fit and seal against your window revealA window reveal is the interior frame area that surrounds the glass of your window.
These features result in annual energy savings of up to 30%.
Window treatments, furnishings, artwork, books, and computer equipment are protected from damage caused by humidity or temperature change.

UV Protection and Safety

Laminated glass contains a special PVB Polyvinyl butyral (or PVB) is a resin that reduces noise passthru, increases glass safety, and provides 99% UV protection. interlayer. This layer resists 99% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays, thereby protecting window treatments, carpeting, furnishings, artwork, books, and computer equipment.
Cityproof windows utilizing laminated glass or Lexan® are shatterproof safety windows.

Customized Design and Installation

Multiple painted or anodized frame colors/finishes are available to match decor. Visit our installation showcase for examples.
Custom design and construction allow for maximum flexibility to “mirror” your existing exterior window. View common window styles
Our flawless installations don’t require structural changes, leaving nothing to paint, fix, or repair.
Exterior windows will continue to open and close, and most Cityproof framed glass panels can be removed from and reinstalled into the tracking system if full access to the exterior window is required.