Soundproofing Windows: Our Process

Cityproof works directly with the end customer as well as with architects, acoustical consultants, engineers, interior designers, contractors, and construction managers to ensure that each project is executed flawlessly.

When you contact Cityproof, we’ll ask you about the style (PDF), size (PDF), and quantity of your existing windows and the specific problems you are trying to solve.
We will provide you with window recommendations and estimated pricing.
When you’re ready to proceed, one of our experts will visit the project site to take detailed window measurements and discuss options such as frame color or finish, glass type, and glass thickness.
Once we have all the project information, a detailed proposal is prepared and sent to you.
After the order is placed, the custom manufacturing process begins at our Long Island City, NY facility.
When all the Citiwindows® are complete (typically 5-7 weeks), we’ll arrange for a convenient installation day and time.
Cityproof’s licensed Cityproof is fully insured and licensed as a contractor by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs. expert technicians will install the windows and verify proper operation.

Ready to Soundproof Your Windows?

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