Cityproof Soundproof Windows Reviews

At Cityproof, we know that making the decision to have custom soundproof interior windows installed in your home or office is no small investment.  Although we’re confident we can provide you with a soundproofing solution that meets your needs and dramatically reduces noise levels, we know it can be helpful to hear reviews from past customers to assist you with the decision-making process.

Here’s what past customers say about Cityproof and their new windows:

I wanted to follow up and say a huge thank you! Your team came today and reinstalled the sound proof a/c cover and did a fantastic job.

My wife & I have been enormously impressed with both your product & your customer service. I wanted to take a moment to highlight this to you and say thank you! Our home has been so much more peaceful ever since we had you come and install the soundproofing a few years ago.

Given we live close to the FDR & on busy York Avenue, I think many of our neighbors could also benefit from your products. If you have a few brochures or something similar, we would be happy to make referrals too.

A & M
York Avenue, New York, NY

“I have lived in a number of apartments in NYC over the last decade or so and inevitably I call Cityproof so that I can sleep without noise, and otherwise enjoy having a quiet space.  They installed three soundproofing windows last week in my living room. Michael D and the company provide excellent, honest service and are a pleasure to work with. I can’t speak more highly of the people involved or their work.  If you want a better experience being a city dweller, as I am, I suggest you give them a ring.”

Central Park West, Manhattan, NY

“We just had a window in our bedroom installed and it was a great experience. Everyone was very professional, and Antonio made the installation process a breeze. He was running late due to a previous job but Anni at the office kept in touch with updates. Our room is now virtually silent. I would recommend their service to anyone with exterior noise issues.”

Queens, NY

“Hi Marc, we are very impressed. They look great. Let us know the best place we can leave a review for you guys. Yelp or other”

Manhattan, NY, NY

“We live in lower Manhattan and recently installed Cityproof interior windows to mitigate the ever increasing traffic, construction, party, and other noise.  Highly recommend Cityproof.  The noise reduction is dramatic; the design fits very well with our existing conditions and the workmanship is very good.”

Downtown Manhattan, NY, NY

“I just had to take the time to write and thank you for the seamless and absolutely perfect team at Cityproof. From the first call to get an estimate to finishing the job your people were fantastic. Marc, Anni, Lisa..all pros…Citiproof was doing a job for my neighbor and I asked Ryan for the name of the company..he went down to the truck…got a business card …when Arturo and Ryan showed up for the job…I was simply amazed at the efficiency…on time, clean, neat, great job, so was just a pleasure to work with Citiproof and I will HIGHLY recommend the company …sending a memo to all my bookgroup now…”

Patricia F.
Upper East Side, NY, NY

“Cityproof Window are the Most Effective Noise Control on the market!

I had Cityproof windows in my old apartment for decades and when I was planning my move the first thing I did was contact Cityproof windows for a new installation, because they are totally AWESOME!

My new apartment faces the street and between trucks, ambulances and a public grade school, it was pretty noisy.  My Cityproof windows have rendered my new apartment completely quiet and with perfect temperature control.

I haven’t been disturbed by street noise, trucks rolling though, loud motorcycles, car alarms, kids screaming during recess or the sound of fire truck or ambulance sirens.

It is magnificently quiet and peaceful in both rooms.  I have slept like a baby from the very first night at my new apartment. The windows look beautiful and work incredibly well!  The silence is absolutely amazing!

Brian was fantastic to work with and had all the answers I needed.  He helped me save money though his recommendations and is a real professional, intelligent, informative and there for me at all times!

The Cityproof staff are excellent!  The gentlemen who installed the windows worked quickly, quietly and efficiently with no disruption to the house or the building.  Anni provided everything I needed in terms of paperwork and scheduling and was absolutely delightful to work!

I truly adore genuine, high quality customer service and they provided it admirably!

It is my great pleasure to give Cityproof my highest recommendation to anyone who want complete quiet in their household, especially those who live in a noisy place like New York City!

Thank You Cityproof!  Way to Go!”

Tracy P.
Manhattan, NY

“I’ve gotten windows from these folks before and found them very effective, but those windows were fairly small; I despaired of finding any solution to the noise coming from Atlantic Avenue (2nd floor!) through my new 7-foot tall windows. Brian did a great job of explaining the sounds the Cityproof windows would mute and those they might not, but in the end I feel like I got a super-quiet room  –  and the frame needed to fasten them over the windows (to allow the original ones to open) completely disappears; not noticeable at all. The double latches needed to open the new window, high and low, are a little bit of a pain, but again it’s because of the overall height. Description, estimate, and installation were all completely professional and helpful. Very very pleased with this company.”

Julie J.
Brooklyn, NY

“Hi Marc, everything went great — I am very happy with the windows!

The installation crew did a really good job – and they were quicker than I expected as well. I will definitely refer you guys to any of my friends that are looking for a similar product.”

Union Square, Manhattan

“Hi, Marc, thank you for the follow-up. The installation went smoothly, and I’m delighted with the product. Excellent. People I showed it to were impressed. I’m happy to recommend Cityproof!”

Manhattan Doctor’s Office

“An uncommonly excellent experience. Cityproof’s customer service leaves NOTHING to be desired. They are responsive and reliable. It’s an excellent product installed by people who actually know what they are doing….. like an urban fairy tale.”

Iris F.
Manhattan West Side

“I never thought windows would bring so much happiness and would make such a difference in the apartment. We wish we’ve done them a long time ago! Really silly of us not to, especially since we live on the 3rd floor of a pre-war apartment on a Transverse street with traffic and bus stop just outside of our building. We got 1/2 thick laminated glass starphire. I was concerned that the windows will look not natural in the apartment and that the visibility through double windows will decrease. Nothing of the sort! The windows substantially improved the interior look of the room since the original windows are those metal square ones you see on old buildings. They eliminated any draft which was especially important this crazy cold winter, and it became the quietest room in the whole apartment. You do not hear the street, at all! It’s almost freaky. The windows are easily opened and closed so there is no question of stuffiness. We are in love! It does take 6-8 weeks to manufacture and install them, so needs some planning.”

Glenn K.

“It is impossible to overstate how pleased I am with my Cityproof Windows. A neighboring retail establishment put in a compressor that runs all night long. Cityproof completely eliminates that sound (and almost every other sound). I cannot believe how well I sleep now. The windows blend in completely with original windows and when you add in curtains/drapes, they are entirely unnoticeable. I opted for the heaviest gauge glass, because I felt that if I was going to do this, I am going all the way. Yes, the windows are expensive, but you get what you pay for in this life, and I could not be happier.”

Elena S.

“I’m ridiculously happy with my windows as they keep my bedrooms warm and quiet. Even my cats have planted themselves upstairs with my Cityproof Windows!”

Helene H.

“Thank you! Your company was professional and a true joy to work with! A rarity
these days! We really appreciate it!”

Midtown Manhattan

“This is to let you know that installation is complete.

Antonio, Ryan and Nicholas did a great job! They were on time, very professional, cleaned their work space entirely, and were accurate in their estimate for time to complete the job. The new window looks and SOUNDS great! I’m very happy.”


Great service. I had an appointment promptly scheduled. Sales guy was very knowledgeable and made great recommendation. Install crew (3 guys ) was very professional as well.

“The soundproofing of the window is great, no more street noise in the room of my daughters. The frame is particularly important to make sure the window is effective, they did a great job to tightly fit it.

Will use Cityproof again for next job.”

Midtown Manhattan

Life altering. And I don’t say that lightly. The noise in our bedroom was unbearable, especially at night. I really wanted the windows to work but was somewhat worried that not only would I be disappointed but that they would also look ugly and that we’d have trouble opening them for air or cleaning. Not a concern.

These windows are fabulous. Marc Cohen, our Salesman was very knowledgable and clearly knows his product. His advice on choice of windows, how to frame them and the particular color was spot on. He’s also a really nice guy.

The process was easy. Anni Solis handled all the crazy paperwork required by our coop so I didn’t have to do it. Our installation team of Antonio, Nicholas and Brandon were terrific….polite, professional and very meticulous with the installation and clean up. It’s very clear that part of ( maybe all) of what makes these windows work is proper installation. The crew took great care to be sure these windows were in correctly and that they looked good.

But the biggest issue is how they work for noise. They’re great. The room is quiet and now I can see the traffic on Amsterdam without having to hear it. A little bit of peace and quiet in this noisy city. An unexpected benefit came with the recent cold spell. No drafts! Very nice.
Now we’re spoiled and hope to eventually put these windows in the living room as well.

Strongly recommend this company!

West Side, Manhattan

“Peace and Sanity have returned. I contacted several installers of sound proof windows and after comparing quotes and comments opted to with Cityproof. It was the best decision I made.

They were upfront and forthright about what they could deliver from the very first contact. Michael responded quickly to the initial email and answered all my questions – even the ones I did not know I had. Marc came and measured for a sliding porch door and window discussed glass and frame options with me as well as how best to deal with my existing structures. These guys know their stuff I would trust them to do any additional jobs on my windows.

The installation crew was prompt, polite, efficient and had everything installed within a matter of hours. Once complete you never even knew they were there, so well did they clean up the space. They also went the extra step and fixed some existing details on the latches of exterior windows – I cannot thank them enough.

And the windows, Those beautiful, clear, sound blocking windows have returned my sanity. I needed them to block a particular repetitive bass noise and once the windows are closed I feel like a weight is lifted. No more thoughts of selling the house (yes it was that bad) I have my life back. Thank you Cityproof.”

Queens, NY


“Here is why we love our windows.

1. Met with Marc Cohen who took measurements, answered our questions. He was very professional and helpful.

2. The windows were installed within the time frame provided which we really were desperate for. We bought the top of the line glass (3 options) as we live in the financial district (in an old building where our old windows cannot itself be replaced) where the old Symms building across the street is under construction being replaced by a new residential tower as well as the MTA working from 10Pm until 5AM on storm proofing the grates above the 1 train. It has been incredibly noisy disrupting our families sleep. However, not the first night our windows were installed! We were so impressed. You can open up the windows and get a sense of just the amount of sound it is helping drown out. These windows bring a piece of mind no matter what heavy machinery is being used across the street or the trucks parked outside late at night for the work that takes place. Keep in mind nothing is ever 100% soundproofed but these are perfect for us. It was worth the investment (yes unfortunate that it is expensive).

3. Installation went well. We had 4 people here installing 3 windows which took about 4 hours. The windows sit on the outside of the old windows so actually makes the window area look a lot nicer. We were concerned it would take away what little light we get but not at all. Feel like it makes the window look a little bigger. Here is the bonus too; the windows are incredible for insulation. We do not have to use the AC or lately the heat as we have had to pre-soundproof windows bc our older windows produced a big draft. Also, all of the construction debris across the street is not getting into the apartment but settling in between the old window and the new. If we did not have the new windows, this is what would be coming into our apartment.

Thank you Citiproof!”

Greenwich Street.


“Cityproof team was very professional and knowledgeable from the start to the end. Inspection, quote, followup and installation was done in a timely manner. Very happy with the product and the process. Definitely recommend.”

New York, NY


The photos and comments are from a school in the Bronx on a major Avenue. The windows face the above ground subway which is about 100 yards away. The windows were installed in classrooms, science labs, etc.

“Here’s a couple pictures I took when we finished. I was definitely amazed when the train rolled by and I could barely hear it.”

Bronx, NY


“I did want to take a moment to let you know what a terrific job your installers did. I was genuinely impressed with their efforts to get the installation exactly right. It is much appreciated.

Really great work. I built a home studio and needed good soundproofing. Cityproof delivered. Not only do the windows work beautifully (haven’t heard a sound from outside in the middle of NYC since they were installed), the installation crew could not have been more professional or focused on doing a perfect job. Highly recommend them.”

Rick U.
Upper West Side, Manhattan


“The windows were installed yesterday, and it could not have gone better. The team arrived right on time and did a fantastic job. They were efficient, neat, precise, and paid attention to every detail. 

The windows look fantastic. The bronze seems a little darker than I remembered, more black, but it works out even better. I am so glad I went with the clear glass and the full thickness. The problem noise is nearly gone (and we had a good test the same afternoon), and dad says he no longer feels any draft. Why did I wait so long? The glass is so clear you don’t know it’s there.

I’d recommend Cityproof to anyone who asks.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Rego Park, NY


“That completes my apartment. All my windows are now city-proofed. Can you please extend my thanks to all interested parties for the superb product and superb customer experience?”

James M.
Yonkers, NY

“We wanted to wait a while to see if the sirens and horns would come back to First Ave. — they somehow abruptly left at the same time as the windows were installed. Eleven days of silence have convinced us that these windows are amazing! They also look great (the living room windows and door look particularly good — very well-detailed and assembled). Sorry to say, we’ve run out of windows, but if there is any opportunity to recommend you and your company, rest assured…”

Midtown Manhattan

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the work that was done last week. The installation guys were thoroughly friendly and professional, and it’s been a pleasure to deal with you guys throughout the process. The windows have made the apartment quieter and warmer and adds a real sense of style to the whole place. I called Home Depot round and they miraculously managed to make the blinds fit, so there was no need for any extra expense, which is a relief.

I would wholeheartedly recommend you guys to future clients, and if you’d like to come round and take photos of the finished work or would like to use me as a reference, I would be delighted to do so.

East Greenwich Village, NY

“Hi Marc, yes all in yesterday. Look great. Seemed to go seamlessly. Guys were great. Super efficient, neat and tidy and really nice. Thank you. I’m thrilled.”

Greenwich Village, NY

“Thank you! Your guys did a great job on the installation. I’m adjusting to the new auditory sensation. :)… Its interesting walking from my living room to my bedroom.”


“Hello Anni, the installation of our window went very well. The gentleman who installed the window were timely, professional and efficient. Within 2 hours, all was done and cleaned up. 

Your sales rep was also so easy to deal with. He too was timely, explained the options and was very professional. 

I will gladly recommend Cityproof and the team. Many thanks. Please pass on the kudos to all of them.”

Park Ave., NY, NY

“Brian was great, the workers were efficient and neat and I love my much quieter apartment!”

Brooklyn, NY

“The window is AMAZING, I can’t believe we waited so long to put it in. It’s almost eerie how quiet it has made the baby’s room, just feet above 2nd Avenue. A brand new world of serenity.”

R. Scobie
New York, NY

“The installation went great. The apartment is like a Library. Thanks so much.”

E. Rouen
Upper West Side, NY

“The guys just left and they did a great job. The windows look good and you can definitely see a difference.”                                                                                     

“I just wanted to let you know that John LOVES the windows. Again, you and your guys did a great job. Very efficient and professional. I appreciate all the work you did for us.”

J. Cozzo, Office Manager
New York, NY

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE my windows!!!!!”

P. Bell
New York, NY

“Just wanted you to know what an excellent job you have done. It makes SUCH a difference to have the window there. I should have done this 15 years ago!!!! This will be good for me, because I can be more productive and … as I said, it will be a great example to show it to my clients. Thank you again.”

N. Walter, Interior Designer
New York, NY

“BTW, I don’t know if you enjoy positive feedback but if so I just wanted to let you know that so far the quiet windows have been a dream. It feels like I’ve moved into a new and wonderful  apartment.”

A. Oxman
New York, NY

“The windows were installed on last Friday. I’m very impressed on how the apartment is now. Thank you! It’s absolutely worthy and I’ll spread out the quality of your products and services.”              

S. Liu, Architect
New York, NY

“Anni – the installers did a wonderful job in my apartment this morning. They were so professional and meticulous on their work. I’m very pleased.”

A. Alden
New York, NY

“Please tell Chris I’m thrilled with the job the installers did and I’m blown away with the quality of the product. Everything way exceeds my expectations. I will actively recommend Cityproof NOT Cityquiet. Best investment I ever made in 20yrs of owning homes in 3 different cities. Thank you.”

J. Postaer
Lower Manhattan, NY

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