Sound Proof Windows

Each Cityproof soundproof interior Citiwindow® works in conjunction with the existing exterior window to create a sound buffer zone of air space that seals out noise, drafts and dirt.

As you’ll see from the illustration below, the Cityproof soundproof window is an internal window that is placed in front of the existing exterior window. The sound buffer zone created between the two windows further improves noise reduction. The air trapped inside the air space dampens the sound passing through the windows.

Additionally, Cityproof’s state-of-the-art noise proof windows include laminated glass with a special PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) interlayer. This interlayer, which is sandwiched between layers of glass, provides superior noise reduction, makes the glass safety and shatter-proof and gives 99% UV protection.

Watch How Our Soundproof Interior Window System Works

Features of Cityproof Citiwindows

Internal Installation

The Cityproof Citiwindow® is an internal window installed on the inside of an existing window. The exterior window remains as is.

Sound Buffer Zone

The airspace created between the exterior window and the Citiwindow acts as a sound buffer zone, also stopping drafts & dirt from outside.

A Perfect Seal

Our unique tracking system provides a perfect window seal. And a perfect window seal means up to 95% less noise for you!

Our Windows Use the Highest Quality Materials

Each Cityproof Citiwindow is custom measured and manufactured. No filler panels are ever used. To keep the windows maintenance-free we use the highest quality components including:

Baked enamel paint or anodized aluminum frames, angles and channels.
Exclusive stainless steel and rigid outdoor grade PVC tracking systems to provide the best possible seal.
Superior grade laminated glass (up to 11/16 inch thick) including ultra-clear Starphire.

Cityproof: More Than Just Soundproof Windows

Air conditioner enclosures
Soundproof door units
Entry door weatherstripping
Screens and air filtering systems