Soundproof Windows in Action: Before and After Installation

Soundproof Windows in Action: Before and After Installation

It’s no secret that life in a big city like New York comes with higher levels of noise pollution. The COVID-19 pandemic has lent some quiet to New York City’s otherwise busy streets, but one particular and persistent source of noise remains—construction noise.

Construction noise can be particularly difficult to dampen. Specially designed soundproof materials like laminated glass interior soundproof windows offer the most powerful defense against construction noise, including low frequency and impact noise. Installed inside your existing windows, the Cityproof Citiwindow® uses technology like insulated laminated glass and a unique perimeter tracking system to reduce outside noise by up to 95% without altering your existing exterior windows. No construction required!

One of our recent Citiwindow installations in New York City helped residents of an apartment building drastically reduce noise, dirt, and drafts coming from the neighboring construction site.

Hear the difference before and after installation:

Cityproof soundproof interior Citiwindows® work in conjunction with existing exterior windows to create a buffer zone of air space that seals out noise, drafts, and dirt. Each Citiwindow is custom-fitted and manufactured to ensure the tightest possible seal, blocking up to 95% of construction noise. Learn more about the technology behind the Citiwindow® and schedule your consultation with a Cityproof expert today.