Soundproof Existing Windows Today

Since 1960, Cityproof has been a leader in soundproof windows.

Our Citiwindows® dramatically reduce city noise & improve quality of life at home & work.

Soundproof Interior Windows in New York & Metro NY Tri-State

The #1 way noise penetrates apartments, homes and offices is through exterior windows. With Cityproof, there’s no need to replace or modify windows! Our interior Citiwindows® can be more economical and provide more noise reduction than replacing windows.

How our advanced soundproofing system works:

Our custom-designed and manufactured Citiwindows are installed on the inside and work in conjunction with your existing exterior windows to create a buffer zone of airspace that seals out loud city noises. Watch our quick video below to see how our system works:

What you'll get with Cityproof Citiwindows:

Up to 95% noise reduction
99% draft and dirt elimination
Up to 30% energy savings per year
No structural changes to existing windows and no obstruction of views

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Awards & Accolades for Cityproof Windows

The windows were installed yesterday, and it could not have gone better. The team arrived right on time and did a fantastic job. They were efficient, neat, precise, and paid attention to every detail.

The windows look fantastic. The bronze seems a little darker than I remembered, more black, but it works out even better. I am so glad I went with the clear glass and the full thickness. The problem noise is nearly gone (and we had a good test the same afternoon), and dad says he no longer feels any draft. Why did I wait so long? The glass is so clear you don’t know it’s there.

I’d recommend Cityproof to anyone who asks. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I did want to take a moment to let you know what a terrific job your installers did. I was genuinely impressed with their efforts to get the installation exactly right. It is much appreciated.

Really great work. I built a home studio and needed good soundproofing. Cityproof delivered. Not only do the windows work beautifully (haven’t heard a sound from outside in the middle of NYC since they were installed), the installation crew could not have been more professional or focused on doing a perfect job. Highly recommend them.

Cityproof Installation Showcase

Since 1960, Cityproof has installed more than 50,000 custom windows in over 4,000 residential and commercial, non-landmark and landmark buildings in the metropolitan New York area.

The photo gallery below includes real installations from residential, commercial, and landmark buildings.

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