Soundproof A/C Enclosures

Cityproof A/C Enclosures fit over and around existing thru-the window and thru-the wall A/C units. With a framed glass panel front (and top depending on the model of the A/C) the closed A/C enclosure reduces noise penetration and eliminates draft and dirt from entering the room through A/C units.

The framed glass panel(s) are easily removed from the enclosure when the A/C is to be used for cooling or for fresh air. They are small enough to be stored behind a couch, a chair or in a closet. Also, with the framed glass panels(s) removed the A/C unit can be accessed for maintenance and cleaning. The framed glass panel(s) are easily reinstalled into the enclosure.

Aesthetically pleasing, each enclosure is custom made of 3/4″ furniture-grade plywood or clear pine wood, then formica covered to match one of our standard baked enamel painted or anodized finishes.

Through-the-Wall A/C Enclosures

Through-the-Wall PTAC Enclosures

Top-Mounted Through-the-Window A/C Enclosures

Through-the-Window A/C Enclosures