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Soundproof Windows Services

Soundproof Windows:
Each Cityproof City Window works in conjunction with the existing exterior window to create a sound buffer zone of air space that seals out noise, drafts and dirt.

Cityproof’s Custom Soundproof Window Process:
Cityproof works directly with the end customer as well as with architects, acoustical consultants and engineers, interior designers, contractors, and construction managers to ensure that each project is executed flawlessly.

City Window Styles:
Illustrated below are different types of windows that Cityproof can design. Windows can vary in design and style including horizontally sliding panels, vertically sliding panels, stationary/lift-out panels, hinged panels or a combination of styles.

Installation Showcase:
Cityproof’s master technicians have installed over 45,000 custom made CityWindows in over 3,800 landmark and non-landmark buildings in the greater New York area.

Soundproof Windows for Architects:
Cityproof regularly works with architects to design soundproofing and thermal window solutions.

Interior City Windows for Commercial and Institutional Use:
Cityproof City Windows haves been installed in Hotels, Hospitals, Banks, Recording Studios, and more for over 50 years.

Soundproof Window Sizing:
When measuring your windows for a soundproof window estimate, it is best to tell us the style and overall height, width, and available depth of the window area. When multiple windows are placed together and they share the same window sill or wall cutout, please measure that entire area.