How Effective Are Soundproof Interior Windows?

How Effective Are Soundproof Interior Windows?

Any New Yorker knows the city is alive with sound. From the violinist in your subway station to the jack hammer outside your window on Saturday morning, noise invades every space. Don’t let unwanted sounds into your space. Soundproof interior windows for your apartment or office are effective in reducing sound and more. Just how effective are they? Read on to learn about soundproofing your windows and what to expect.

Soundproof Interior Windows and Noise Reduction

Sound Proof Cityproof Windows

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Before you soundproof, it’s good to understand how sound really works.

Sound is made up of low and high frequency waves. When something makes a sound, those waves then travel in all directions from the source. The waves travel until they meet some form of resistance, such as a wall or sofa. Sometimes, these items may even cause these waves to reverberate, actually strengthening the sound. Proper sound proofing uses materials that block and absorb sound and prevent reverb and echo.

Soundproof interior windows can block up to 90-95 percent of city noise. The effectiveness depends on several factors, including the quality of the exterior windows already there, the thickness of the laminated glass in the soundproof windows (it ranges from one-quarter to three-quarters inch thick), and the amount of space created to act as a “buffer zone” between the exterior window and the soundproof interior window. These three major factors determine the overall noise reduction level.

Eliminating Dirt, Dust & Draft

Sound isn’t the only thing soundproof interior windows keep out. Ninety-nine percent of dirt and draft are blocked by soundproof interior windows.

Preventing UV Rays

Laminated glass with its polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer, blocks 95 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Blocking UV rays protects carpets, walls, drapery and furnishings from fading in the sunlight. Soundproof interior windows allow you to enjoy natural light while protecting artwork, carpeting and furnishings from damaging UV rays.

Lowering Energy Bills

For both financial and environmental reasons, people are more interested in cutting energy expenditures than ever before. Soundproof interior windows cut down on drafts, which keeps outside air out and indoor air in. Many customers cut their heating and cooling bills by up to 30 percent with the installation of soundproof interior windows.