8 Things You Didn’t Know About Soundproofing Windows

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Soundproofing Windows

You may think that soundproof interior windows do no more than block the traffic noise, booming music, and construction sounds from your home, but these windows do much more than block that!

1. Soundproofing Windows Won’t Mess Up the Looks of your Home

Sound Proof Cityproof Windows

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These windows are custom-made, installed on the inside and work in conjunction with your existing windows. Custom design and construction allow for maximum flexibility to “mirror” your existing window. The inside and outside of your home will still look just as nice.

2. Soundproofing Windows Save Energy Costs

While reducing the noise coming into your home, these windows also serve to keep exterior air out and keep the heated or cooled air in. This means you pay less money all year to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

3. Soundproofing Windows Can Be Used With Your Window Treatments

In most cases, you can continue to use the same window treatments (binds, shades, curtains, etc.) you already have. The soundproof interior windows are installed on the inside of your existing windows in the window pocket in front of your primary window.

4. Soundproofing Windows Are Easy to Clean

Each model of soundproof interior window is designed to be easily opened for cleaning, and for easy access to the exterior windows for cleaning and maintenance.

5. You Can Still Open Your Windows With Soundproofing Windows

Except for the stationary/lift-out design, all of our soundproof interior windows can be readily opened and provide easy access for opening your exterior windows, as well. So, as you wish, you can still enjoy the fresh breezes of springtime, and the cooling winds of fall, as well as letting fresh air into the home.

6. Soundproofing Windows Double as Storm Windows

Soundproof interior windows eliminate 99 percent of any drafts and dirt infiltration from outdoors. They also provide maximum thermal control and energy savings.

7. Soundproofing Windows Add Value to Your Apartment or Home

As with any home improvement project, the amount you invest in soundproof interior windows raises the value of the property. It a benefit and a positive selling point if you have windows that help keep conditioned air in, block drafts, dirt, and allergens, and reduce noise entering from the outside.

8. Soundproofing Windows Block 50 to over 90 Percent of Noise

Even new, highly efficient windows allow much of the city’s noise to penetrate apartments and homes and offices. This interferes with sleeping, quiet and relaxing time, reading, listening to music, watching TV and working. Blocking this noise improves the quality of life at home and work.