5 City Noises You Never Have To Hear Again

5 City Noises You Never Have To Hear Again

Most of the time it’s nice to live in the “City That Never Sleeps”; you can get a bagel anytime you want, see a movie whenever it suits your schedule, or get in a workout that you didn’t have time for during “regular business hours.” But when you get home and want to unwind, you sure wish that city would sleep so you could too.

1. Traffic

Cat in City Proof Window

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Zoom, zoom, honk, honk. It never stops. But soundproof interior windows can block these noises so you can hear your TV, enjoy some music, read a good book, or get a good undisturbed night’s sleep. Lack of sleep does more than make you irritable and ineffective in the mornings.

2. Neighbor’s Music

Does your neighbor’s loud music and friends keep you awake and interrupt your other activities? Get soundproof interior windows and forget about them completely.

3. Construction Work

We’re supposed to view construction work as a sign of progress, but it doesn’t feel much like progress in the early morning or on our day off when all we want is to sleep in or relax. Whether it’s trucks, construction vehicles or a new high-rise coming up across the street, soundproof interior windows make it all (except for the unsightly construction) bearable.

4. Sirens & Alarms

Sirens and car alarms aren’t just annoying, they’re frightening. Even if you think you’re used to hearing them, just an instant after one cranks up, you become alarmed. When you’re sound asleep, sirens aren’t just startling; they also interrupt your restful slumber. During the day, they can interrupt important business calls. Our soundproof interior windows help prevent that from happening.

Alarms interrupt sleep in the same way sirens do. Also, hearing alarms all the time takes away from the pleasure of a leisurely meal or time with loved ones, and they don’t sound very professional blaring in the background when you’re on an important phone call.

5. Noisy Nightclubs

Like your neighbor’s stereo, the local nightclub isn’t really concerned with your rest and relaxation. Soundproof interior windows will make it seem like your apartment is miles away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

For all these reasons and more, soundproof interior windows are a benefit to the city dweller.