Soundproof Interior Windows in Westchester County

Hundreds of Customers in Westchester

From Yonkers to Katonah, residents of Westchester County have sought out Cityproof’s soundproofing solutions to decrease noise and increase the enjoyment of their homes. Whether the problem was traffic noise or the noise from neighbors going about their routines, Cityproof’s windows performed as expected without needing to swap out existing windows and with interior changes that are virtually unnoticed.

Cityproof Window Soundproofing System

Why We’re the Better Choice

Since 1960, Cityproof has installed over 50,000 custom windows in over 4,000 residential and commercial, non-landmark and landmark buildings. Custom design and construction allows for maximum flexibility to mirror your existing exterior windows promising no obstruction of views. You can expect:

  • up to 95% noise reduction
  • up to 99% draft and dirt elimination
  • up to 30% reduction in cooling and heating costs per year
  • 99% elimination of the sun’s ultra violet rays to protect furnishing and artwork

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