Townhouse Window Soundproofing

Being at ground level, townhouses are susceptible to traffic noise particularly when there’s a spike in noise as a street goes from a steady stream of cars to one with honking taxis and diesel trucks passing through. Compared to free-standing homes, townhouses are at an advantage in that not all sides are externally exposed. This means fewer windows and doors which are the top sources of sound infiltration.

Cityproof Window Soundproofing System

Not all noise reduction attempts will be worth the effort. While noticeable, any reduction in noise that is 5 dB or less will be insignificant to be considered beneficial. Instead, a target of at least a 10 dB improvement will “feel” as if the noise levels have been cut by 50%. That change is similar to what you’d experience closing the windows in room.

The Smart Choice for Townhouses

Cityproof can help you soundproof your street-facing windows without having to replace your existing windows or changing the external appearance. Even the changes on the inside are practically invisible. With Cityproof’s high-quality materials and professional installation, you’ll enjoy substantial decreases in noise, dirt infiltration, and drafts.

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