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Since 1960, Cityproof has been a leader in soundproof windows. Our City Windows dramatically reduce city noise and improve quality of life at both home and work.

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Soundproof Windows in New York City

The #1 way noise penetrates apartments, homes and offices is through exterior windows. With Cityproof, there’s no need to replace or modify windows! Our interior Citywindows can be more economical and provide more noise reduction than replacing windows.

Our custom-designed and manufactured Citywindows are installed on the inside and work in conjunction with your existing exterior windows to create a buffer zone of airspace that seals out loud city noises.

Here’s how our advanced soundproofing system works:
Soundproof windows buffer zone

The Citywindow is an internal window installed on the inside of an existing window. The exterior window remains as is.

The airspace created between the exterior window and the Citywindow acts as a sound buffer zone, also stopping drafts & dirt from outside.

Our unique tracking systems provides a perfect window seal. And a perfect window seal means up to 95% less noise for you!
Benefits of Cityproof’s 3-systems-in-1 interior windows:
  • Up to 95% noise reduction
  • 99% draft and dirt elimination
  • Up to 30% energy savings per year
  • No structural changes to existing windows and no obstruction of views

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Cityproof Installation Showcase

Since 1960, Cityproof has installed more than 45,000 custom windows in over 3,800 residential and commercial, non-landmark and landmark buildings in the metropolitan New York area.