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Soundproof Window Sizing

Soundproof Windows Services

When measuring your windows for a soundproof window estimate, it is best to tell us the style and overall height, width, and available depth of the window area. When multiple windows are placed together and they share the same window sill or wall cutout, please measure that entire area.

For example, if your window consists of two or three windows like the illustrations below, please measure the entire window area including the frames to determine the overall height and overall width. To measure available depth, please measure from the innermost part of the exterior window (typically the interior window frame or handle) to the corner where the wall cutout meets the face of the wall at a right angle (or 90° angle).

  • measuring double hung windows
  • measuring side-by-side windows
  • measuring window depth
  • measuring three-pane windows
  • measuring multi-window systems