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Soundproof Windows for Hotels

No doubt first impressions at a hotel count, which is why the service one receives is critical. The appearance and size of the room are also important and will be shared with friends looking for recommendations. When it comes to complaints, “According to J. D. Power’s research, noise and a bad Internet connection are two of the most common problems guests experience(1). And if the hotel is in a busy area, blocking traffic noise is going to be a key challenge to overcome.

Cityproof Window Soundproofing System

The Right Choice for Hotels

Cityproof can assist with custom design services to develop and recommend the type of system, including glass selection, for any hotel. Shop drawings can be provided prior to fabrication. In addition, Cityproof installers can install the windows or support third-party installers depending on the needs of the project. There is no other that can promise as much and deliver on that promise.

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